Welcome! I’m running to be re-elected Mayor.

Over the last several years I’ve been working tirelessly to help make Milwaukie the best city it can be.

I lead the visioning process which resulted in a Vision that starts with a line that echos the first speech I gave as a Mayor three years ago: “In 2040, Milwaukie is a flourishing city that is entirely equitable, delightfully livable, and completely sustainable.” I believe that a city that is moving in the direction that those three concepts embody is serving everyone in the community and creating a city we all want to live in.

Under my leadership we are engaging in the largest infrastructure investment in the city’s history, by making the city safe for families to walk and bike anywhere they’d like to go. We are beginning by prioritizing Safe Routes to School, but by the end of the nine year process – parks, shopping areas, apartment complexes, retirement homes and more will all be accessible by biking and walking throughout the city.

I’m currently heading up the process to create a Climate Action Plan for the city. We all must be engaged to preserve the planet that nurtures us. Human effect is making our home a place that humans will not thrive in just a few decades. If we care about our kids and grand kids, this unprecedented threat has to be a top priority and dealt with at every opportunity. So we as a city will set an example to other working class, mid-sized cities while we work regionally and with the state to make even bigger changes.

Nationwide, wages have not kept up with the cost of housing. Milwaukie is no exception, as a matter of fact, Milwaukie is being hit harder than many other cities because of our high desirability. One of our top council goals is to make sure that the working class folks who have always called Milwaukie home, are not priced out of their beloved city and away from their kids schools. At my urging, the council passed a 1% Construction Excise Tax on all new construction over $100,000 in order to create funds that would allow us to influence new development to include affordable housing. I am also working hard to pass the Metro affordable housing bond which would raise $653 million to build and maintain affordable housing. Working class people are being driven out of the city and retired people living on a fixed income are being driven into homelessness. This bond is a great first step in stopping that process.

As a Mayor, I have worked as hard as I can for our city – at regional and state levels, I have tried to maintain awareness of the long term effects of our policies and make things better for the average person. I hope you will vote for me this fall so that I can continue this good work. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Mayor, it has truly been an honor.

Friends of Mark Gamba