Issues We Face

Obviously, for many families the vision I talked about sounds lovely but not important to them, because the issues they have are whether they will be able to keep their home, or pay for medical bills, or even feed their kids.  I don’t just hear about these things from friends and neighbors, I’m living it.  Because when the economy goes South as badly as this one has, it doesn’t matter how talented, experienced and hard working you are, if there is no work, there is no work.  Most people running for office do so almost as a luxury, they aren’t worrying about those issues, at best, they’ve read about it somewhere.  So really, how representative are they of all the people in that situation?  I’m running for office because it’s abundantly clear to me that the way things are being done now is not the way that’s best for a huge percentage of the population. There may not be a whole lot that a city councilor can do about a crashed economy, but it’s a start.  We, all of us, need to look for opportunities for positive change and be motivated enough to cause them to happen.

I will actively work to bring new businesses to Milwaukie and am working on a plan that will encourage those businesses to hire locally whenever possible.  I am open to more ideas on ways that a city can help its citizens have more financial security.