My Vision for Milwaukie

Biking by blooming tree

Imagine a Milwaukie where it’s safe for kids to walk or bike to really great schools, where families can enjoyably get to services they use on a daily basis without fighting traffic for 20 minutes, and neighborhoods are communities once again.  Imagine a way to cross the Union Pacific line and 224 without getting stuck by the train or rush hour traffic.  Imagine electric shuttle buses from the neighborhoods connecting people to downtown and the light rail stations.

Imagine a Milwaukie with a vibrant downtown where people can live, work, shop and hang out with friends.  Imagine the river front as one of the best parks in the Metro region with a walking path that goes alongside Kellogg Creek and under McLoughlin Blvd. into another park that surrounds a salmon-filled creek.

Imagine the North Main industrial area with more businesses and more jobs, with bike paths and live/work spaces.  Imagine a farmers’ market twice a week and community gardens available to anyone that wants space.

Sounds a little bit like a pipe dream doesn’t it, but many of these things are under way and all of them are within our reach.  It won’t be easy, but if we work together as a community we can begin to see that dream become a reality.