Vote for Mark

Vote for Mark Gamba for City Council Pos. #3

Mark Gamba has worked hard for Milwaukie:

On the transportation system plan he was part of the initial planning group and has continued to work as a planning commissioner to create a safer transportation system with more options.  No matter what, the price of oil is going to continue to rise in relationship to peoples’ income – it only makes sense to increase the types of transportation modes available to everyone.   Kids should be able to walk or bike to school safely, the elderly should have convenient ways to get where they are going and working families should not have spend their hard earned wages on two cars just so both parents can get to work.

On the South Downtown concept plan he was invited to work with the initial small group of civic leaders, planners, and the consultant Christopher Alexander to create the initial pattern language.  He also served on the larger steering committee that created the current plan.  He believes that preparing the South Down Town for the coming MAX line will allow Milwaukie to benefit from light rail rather than be burdened by potentially bad development it could bring with it.

Mark was asked to help start the Milwaukie Arts Committee which soon became the Art MOB.  As a founding member he was involved in all of the initial projects and spearheaded sculpture garden next to city hall.

On the Residential Standards Steering Committee Mark worked with a diverse group of citizens, planning staff and consultants to help re-write our out of date and destructive residential code.  His work will cause future apartment complexes to be of a much higher standard, more sustainable and more livable for families.  The new code should also help protect property values in the neighborhoods and allow families to add “granny flats” to their properties.

As a Planning Commissioner Mark stood up to Tri-Met and helped secure the bike and  pedestrian bridge across Kellogg Creek, first by making it abundantly clear that it was very important to the citizens of Milwaukie and then by being willing to work with Tri-Met to find a compromise that would allow them to find the funding for the bridge.

Mark is currently one of two Planning Commissioners working on the Tacoma Station Area Plan.  The hope is to be able to leverage the MAX station at Tacoma into a more diverse development in the North Main Industrial area and thereby bring in new jobs and opportunities.