The United States is the wealthiest country in the world and spends more per capita on healthcare than any other nation. While spending more money on healthcare than any other country we fail to provide health insurance to millions of Americans, and millions more can’t access their health benefits because of cripplingly high deductibles.

Our healthcare dollars aren’t being spent wisely. Pharmaceutical and health insurance companies and being allowed to profit with no limits while people are dying because they can’t afford the cost of lifesaving medication, which has sometimes tripled in their lifetimes. Every other developed nation in the world doesn’t operate this way and it is time America catches up. I strongly support providing healthcare to every American through Medicare for All so that people can visit a doctor and get the healthcare they need without risking bankruptcy. By controlling costs through a medicare for all system we would be able to spend less money by spending it more effectively – while covering everyone.

The best plan I see out there right now is the Medicare for All Act of 2019. If elected I would look forward to working with my colleagues across the country in making sure we pass the most visionary and comprehensive solution possible to ensure that everyone is fully covered.